Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Eric and John go to L.A.

hey we found the Hollywood sign - look at us!

i think the Muppets were here one time :)

this is where we ate while in downtown Hollywood - then we saw it on Food Network

Paradise Cove - yes it was

John says the water is kinda cold

he sung a song for me and John

"come and knock on our door"

Oceans Thirteen Premier
(yes i took these pictures)

Kodak Theatre

Mr. George Clooney

Mr. Bernie Mac

Mr. Matt Damon

Mr. Andy Garcia

Mr. Casey Affleck

Mr. Elliott Gould

Ms. Tara Reid

Mr. Al Pacino

Mrs. Cindy Crawford

Mr. Don Cheadle

Mr. Don Cheadle (again)


Dar Maghreb - Excellent Moroccan Restaurant in Hollywood

The End

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