Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ingles Savings

We made our first major trip to the grocery store tonight, since we started playing the "grocery game" and following some great blogs like Southern Savers. Here are the results:

Total Bill Before Savings: $130.72
Total Bill After Savings: $78.14

Store Sale Savings: $39.43
Coupon Savings: $13.15
Total Savings: $52.58

Thats a 40% SAVINGS!

We tried to stick to sale/coupon items, but I will admit that we did buy quite a few things that weren't on sale.  For instance, I had to buy ingredients to make The Pioneer Woman's Hot & Sweet Drumsticks, which I plan on making this weekend.

Here are the pics for proof:

Some great deals you might try yourself if you have the right coupons --

* 2 Boxes of Bar-S Beef Corn Dogs - originally $4.98/box - after all discounts $1.99/box
* McCormick Vanilla Extract - originally $3+ - after discounts $0.98
* McCormick Steak Marinade Mix - originally $1.06 - after discounts $0.06
* 2 bags of Birds Eye Steamfresh Frozen - originally $2/each - after discounts $0.50/each
* 2 boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes (boxed) - originally $1.73/each - after discounts $0.20/each
* 2 boxes of Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (boxed) - originally $2/each - after discounts $0.50/each
* 2 boxes of New York Brand Garlic Bread (frozen) - originally $2.80/each - after discounts $1/each
* Filippo Berio EVOO - originally $6.48 - after discounts $2.48
* Bag of No Yolks Noodles - originally $1.14 - after discounts $0.21

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